Connect One Router to Another Without Cable Router 

Can I Connect One Router to Another Without Cable?

If you want to connect one router to another router using a wireless mode then this post will help you make the connection. It is to be noticed that in order to connect one router to another without cable, the second router should support WDS or bridging or repeater mode. Confirm this first and then go for the connection. The instructions discussed ahead will help you with the connection. Let’s Connect One Router to Another Without Cable Ensure that the first router is configured already before you begin making the…

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Get Rid of Router Red Light Blinking Router Troubleshooting 

How to Get Rid of Router Red Light Blinking?

Do you see your router red light blinking? Why is the router showing the red light and how to get rid of this? In this post, we have covered information on the meaning and solutions for the blinking red light on a dual band WiFi router. Why is the Router Red Light Blinking? A red light on your WiFi router usually indicates an internet connectivity issue. Let us walk you through the most common reasons for the red light. Router is not connected properly to the internet modem. Internet outages…

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Change WiFi Channel on Router Router WiFi 

How to Change WiFi Channel on Router?

Dual band WiFi routers support two frequency bands viz. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The lower frequency band i.e. 2.4 GHz travels slow and thus provides slow internet speeds but the range is wider. On the other hand, the upper frequency band, 5 GHz, supports better speeds but provides a shorter range comparatively. The former is ideal for most devices in homes like smart devices, home appliances, etc. The latter is suitable for high-bandwidth demanding internet usage such as gaming, live streaming etc. Read ahead to know what are WiFi…

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SSID Internet Router WiFi 

What is an SSID?

SSID, short for Service Set Identifier which is the network name of a wireless network. Also known as WiFi name, SSID is a sequence of up to 32 characters. It is the name that is assigned to the WiFi network of a router, extender or access point. When you try to connect your devices like a computer, laptop or mobile phone to the WiFi, a list of SSIDs appears. You can select any of them to connect to that very network. How to Find SSID of Your Router? Most routers…

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Limit Bandwidth on Linksys Router Per User Internet Router Technology 

How to Limit Bandwidth on Linksys Router Per User?

Limiting the bandwidth usage on a Linksys router per user is a good idea to ensure that the data is not being overused. This also ensures that the devices present on the network are getting reasonable bandwidth access. If you also want to limit the bandwidth usage on your WiFi router, this blog can help you a lot. Basic Principle of Limiting Bandwidth Usage Since all the WiFi router models have different menus and web GUIs, people generally find it difficult to find several settings. But, the most basic principle…

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Connect Rockspace WiFi Extender to My Router Internet Router Technology 

How to Connect Rockspace WiFi Extender to My Router?

You purchased Rockspace WiFi extender, don’t you? Yes? And, want to connect it to your router? Yes? Fab! This post is written for you! A hundred users reaches out to us daily with the same query i.e. how to connect Rockspace WiFi extender to my router – and with glad – we say them – Google has redirected you to the right post. Over here, you will find the instructions that will help you connect Rockspace WiFi extender to your router in blink of an eye. Let’s get started! WPS…

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Parental Control Not Working on TP Link Router Internet Router Technology 

Why is Parental Control Not Working on TP Link Router?

TP Link routers offer its users an amazing feature i.e. Parental Controls. This feature enables you to have complete control over your kids’ online activities and time schedules. But since TP Link router is a technical device, it can often trouble you. Parental controls not working on TP Link router is one such instance. This guide is going to provide you with relevant fixes for the problem with your WiFi router. Thus, if you are stuck and are looking for effective solutions, then you are recommended not to skip reading…

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