Get Rid of Router Red Light BlinkingRouter Troubleshooting 

How to Get Rid of Router Red Light Blinking?

Do you see your router red light blinking? Why is the router showing the red light and how to get rid of this? In this post, we have covered information on the meaning and solutions for the blinking red light on a dual band WiFi router.

Why is the Router Red Light Blinking?

A red light on your WiFi router usually indicates an internet connectivity issue. Let us walk you through the most common reasons for the red light.

  • Router is not connected properly to the internet modem.
  • Internet outages in the area
  • Damaged cables and wires
  • Faulty and loose connections
  • Firmware out-of-date

How to Fix Blinking Red Light on WiFi Router?

  • Before you begin, disconnect the Ethernet cable that joins the router to the modem. Now using the same cable, connect to the modem’s network on a PC. If the internet from the modem is working perfectly fine then it is router specific issue. Else, it is the internet outage that can be fixed by getting in touch with your ISP.
  • Reboot your router by powering it down and powering it up after a gap of a minimum of one minute. Reboot works wonders to resolve technical glitches.
  • Fix the router-modem connection. Check that the Ethernet cable connecting the two devices is neither loose nor broken.
  • Check the wall power outlet and the power adapter of the WiFi router. It is to be ensured that the router receives a consistent power supply. We suggest you check the power supply to the internet modem as well.
  • Have a thorough look at all the cables and wires linked to the WiFi router. No cable should be loose.
  • Most routers need a local connection to log in. If you have access to the router settings then check for pending firmware updates. Connect to the router’s SSID and do the login. After that get install the latest firmware version on the router.
  • If no other solution listed above has helped you, reset the router to the default settings.
  • Use the Reset button to reset the router to the factory default values. Reconfigure it and you are good to go.

We are sure that router red light blinking is a thing of the past now. You should be able to connect to the router’s network and have an impeccable network connection.

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